Stimulation of ovulation


oocyte_400-2One of the most popular method of infertility treatment is ovulation stimulation.  It stimulates development of the maturing ovarian  For this purpose, 2-3rd day from the menstrual cycle, a woman gets injections containing gonadotropin. As a result, several eggs from the ovary matures, which increases the chance of fertilization.


Who should be treated with induction of ovulation?

 In modern medicine, stimulation of ovulation is done with the help of hormone drugs for  women who have irregular/absent ovulation.

 In order to restore ovulation in woman’s body first it’s necessary to identify the exact reason  of absence of ovulation and eliminate all unfavorable factors.

 There are 2 methods for controlling ovulation, which can help to achieve the desired result.

  1. calculation of favorable days for conception
  2. ultrasound monitoring (Follicular monitoring )

 Petri-Dishes-BlueRegardless of the used drugs, before the ovulation stimulation it is also necessary  examine your husband’s/ partner’s sperm (spermogram). The study should be performed immediately prior to ovulation stimulation planning.

 Check the drugs used for stimulation of ovulation in our center here.