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Where is yogotherapy applicable to treat infertility in Armenia?

Using the experience of our colleagues from the U.S. and Europe, for the first time in Armenia, Yerevan, in the Center for Human Reproduction “Fertility Center” (address: Abovyan 34/3) to open a salon of yogotherapy and relaxation “Nirvana”, there are classes for infertile women, having back problems and obesity. There are also groups of “prenatal yoga” for pregnant women, shaping and dance group for everyone who wants to lose weight. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor and under the supervision of fertility doctor, yoga classes allow our women to not only improve the quality of life, but in the near future feel the joy of motherhood.

Prenatal Yoga Courses Facilitate a Smooth Pregnancy

Yoga is wonderful and that can be used throughout the varying stages of pregnancy. Yoga is a complex of gentle exercises, which is useful for mum and child.

Our pregnancy yoga will teach you:

  • movements and strategies that you can use to help relieve some of the discomforts that are associated with pregnancy
  • helpful positions for labour and delivery, to make the childbirth experience easier
  • breathing and relaxation techniques

Why Pregnancy Yoga is Useful

  • increase energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • reduce physical and emotional stress
  • increase your strength and confidence
  • improve your posture, stability and balance
  • create optimal health levels during pregnancy
  • reduce the chances of requiring medical intervention during childbirth
  • encouraging a generally positive childbirth experience

Choosing a Pregnancy Yoga Class

It is important that you choose a qualified yoga teacher or, even better, a teacher or class that specialises in pregnancy yoga. Our center is one of the best in Armenia. We have qualified teachers many times trained abroad.

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