The World Health Organization defines: “Gestational carrier” (surrogate mother) is a woman in the uterus of whom the fertilized egg cell and spermatozoid, that belong to some other people, is being placed. This woman carries the child with a precondition, that the parents of the to-be-born baby must be considered those, whose donor embryos were being used in the fertilization.

It is a method of combating infertility. By the way, surrogacy has been used since ancient times, it even dates back to biblical times. In modern times man’s sperm is being processed, after13599898283287 which the embrio resulted from the artificial insemination, is being placed in the uterus of a surrogate mother via intrauterine insemination method. In fact, the surrogate mother is the woman who, as it was already mentioned, merely carries the child that was formed artificially. Artificailly formed embrio is being cultivated in special laboratory conditions, and the surrogate mother carries the child till the end of the pregnancy and after delivering the baby gives it to the biological parents.

One should take into account, that the baby and the surrogate mother do not have any genetic ties or cosanguinity.


Surrogacy in the World

Surrogacy is widely spread in the world, though the surrogacy laws differ from country to country. It is either under total loyalty, or under total ban. Surrogacy is prohibited in France, but is widely used in the United States and many celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Cristiano Ronaldo made use of the service of surrogacy.


Surrogacy in Armenia

Nowadays surrogacy has become popular in Armenia as well due to the following factors – the development of reproductive medicine, particularly, due to in vitro fertilization technologies, and the 2002 surrogacy law that was passes in Armenia and normative measures regulating surrogacy.