Psychological assistance

Being in harmony with yourself give you an opportunity to create the most important creature in your life

Today’s lifestyle causes unavoidable stress for women that can lead to infertility. It is hard to overcome the stress coused by the overwhelmed life by yourself, and in this prosses psychological assistance is vital for pregnant women and the ones who plan pregnancy.

Does the phenomenon “psychological fertility” really exist?

It’s scientifically proven that phenomenon “psychological fertility” is related to the dysfunction of neurohumoral system caused by various types of stress. As a result of this dysfunction all organ systems, including the ones responsible for reproduction are affected. All these results in reduce of fertility.  All humans experience stress as a naturally occurring physical and emotional reaction to certain events and circumstances. There are several types of life stressors that have a dramatic influence on all humans, especially pregnant women.arttherapy

The most common ones are:

  • Dominant thought of having a child
  • Family difficult situations
  • Pressure of invirenment
  • Any conflicts: internal(when woman has different goals, wich are equivalent, but have different direction at the same time: for example making career and having a child) and external
  • Sustainable financial difficulties
  • Workload
  • Loss of a close person
  • Any permanent disturbing obsessive idea
  • The fact of pregnancy delay itself rises feeling of self-infertility and imperfectness wich, in itsturn, is a great stressogen factor

The above-mentioned stress factors not only cause physiological dysfunctions, but also bring emotional non-stability, lack of self -esteem, fears, mood swings, etc. 

Psychological specifications of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique period in the life of woman when not only you see the changes in your body, but also you feel the change in your values, character and behavior, etc.

During this time some mothers might be filled with a feeling of anxiety, become oversensitive and get easily upset or hurt. Being angry and unreasonable, feeling good and depressed successively being tensed and unable to relax are all the part of accepting the changing body shape and changed hormone levels. But all these feelings, fears, emotions directly affect the fetus, delivery and later on growth and development of the child.

 Pregnancy is a time when all the feelings and emotions are so strong, intense and bright that sometimes words are not enough to express them, there comes art…


Psychological assistance through Art therapy

Why Art therapy?

Art therapy is one of the oldest and most efficient methods in treatment through art. This form of therapy focuses on a person’s positive well-being and strives to increase their self-awareness, self-esteem, reduce stresses and develop positive emotions.

This method is effective for both pregnant women and the ones who intend to become mothers and currently have fertility problems.

Art therapy integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process to improve mental health and well-being. It is a great tool to help people communicate, overcome stress, express feelings/emotions and explore different aspects of their own personalities.

The key to lowering stress is to build a resilience. Since we have only modest control over what happens to us, our best hope is to train ourselves to respond to stressful circumstances without triggering the alarm system every time.

Creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and self-awareness and achieve insight.

There are variety art-therapy methods but the most effective ones used with pregnant women and women having fertility problems are drawing, sculpture, collage, music, water, sand, etc. The above mentionedmetodes are used by an experienced art therapist during sessions held at Fertility center (Nirvana HAll) at Yerevan Rehabilitation center.

Advenages of Art therapy for pregnant woman and womans with fertility problems

Art therapy is very effective for pregnant woman and the ones who have fertility problems. The mission for each group is different. For pregnant women we have to create an emotional balance and harmony between the mother and the fetus. For the other group the focus is on expressing creativity for getting rid of anxiety, stress, fears that would unconsciously lead to potential pregnancies.

Sessions regularly held at the center give the women opportunity to

  • Feel good/ experience changes in mood
  • Reduce fears
  • Maintain emotional and psychological stability
  • Express themselves
  • Create self sufficiency
  • Believe in themselves
  • Create harmony
  • Sleep better

As a result of psychological assistance the level of anxiety and tension visibly reduces and that usually leads to increase of potential pregnancies.

By exploring own feelings and emotions pregnant women can achieve physical and emotional harmony that will lead to easy delivery and having a healthy baby.

The meetings are held by the psychologist and art -therapist Susanna Mkrtchyan who has 10 years of experience in that sphere