In Vitro Fertilization

Modern medicine has already proven that most effective method for infertility treatment is in vitro fertilization. In this case, fertilization occursBlausen_0060_AssistedReproductiveTechnology outside the woman’s body. Retrieved embryo is later placed in the woman’s uterus for further pregnancy development.

 As a rule, all procedures are performed in ambulatory.

 In some cases (birth defects and problems caused by surgical interventions) the couple is immediately advised to have a baby by this method.

In vitro fertilization is performed in several stages.

  1. Preparation of in vitro fertilization, ovulation stimulation,
  2. follicle (egg) puncture,
  3. IVF,
  4. pregnancy control after fertilization

This method of conceiving should be performed only when there is no other chance to get pregnant.

 However, it is important to realize, that not in all cases pregnancy occurs after the first attempt. In such cases, all what you need to do is not to be discouraged and to wait for the desired pregnancy under the doctor’s control.

 We are happy to announce that in our «Fertility Center» many children were born by this method. According to the Ministry of Health, with the help of “Ministry of assisted reproductive technologies” most children were born in «Fertility Center».

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