What Are The Indications For IVF

1) Fallopian tube obstruction

– The absence of the fallopian tubes,

– expressed pelvic adhesions (endometriosis).

2) Male factor infertility

– IVF at 2 degree oligoastenozoospermie

– IVF / ICSI at 3 degree oligoastenozoospermie

– Tessa / IVF / ICSI at  azoospermia

3) Unexplained infertility or immunological infertility (IVF / ICSI).

4) Unsuccessful stimulation of ovulation (4 cycles or more) with intrauterine insemination.

5) Women older than 38 years.

5) Low ovarian reserve, FSH levels> 12 AMH <1.5, the number of antral follicles  <5 (IVF or IVF with donor eggs).

6) Absence of pregnancy within women> 30 years with previous plastic operations on the fallopian tubes, if the time passed after operation > 1 year.

7) Absence (or loss of function) of the ovaries (IVF with donor eggs)

8) Absence (or disease) of the uterus (surrogacy program with their own or donor eggs)

*Bold letters- absolute indications

**Normal font – relative indications