The list of tests for IVF

Married couple:

  1. PHA,
  2. AIDS
  3. Hepatitis B and C (valid for 3 months)

documents about previous examinations and treatment


  1. Semen analysis, MAR test
  2. Sperm bac. examination 

The serotype and AZF Y chromosome (AZFa, b, c) with severe oligozoospermia




1) Blood group and Rh factor (may be presented excerpts from medical documents)

2) Clinical blood count (valid 1 month)

3) Urinalysis (valid 1 month)

4) clotting + AFS (valid 1 month), Homocysteine

5) The serotype

6) Biochemical analysis of blood (ALT, AST, bilirubin, sugar, total protein, urea) (valid 1 month)

7) FSH, AMH, E2, LH, TSH, PRL, 17OH (2 – 5 day cycle)

8) Toxo, measles (IgG, IgM)

9) The smears on the flora and purity (valid for 1 month)

10) Pap examination of the cervix (in case of no changes are valid for 1 year)

11) Chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, HSV1.2, CMVPTSR method (in the absence of infection, valid 1 year)

12) bac. examination  of cervical secretions (in the absence of infections valid for 1 year)

13) ECG (in case of no changes are valid for 1 year)

14) Lung fluorography (in case of no changes are valid for 1 year)

15) Breast and thyroid ultrasound (in case of no changes are valid for 1 year)

16) Psychology consultation 

17) Therapist conclusion about the patient’s health and the ability of carrying pregnancy (valid for 1 year)

18) Research on the status of the uterus and fallopian tubes (vaginal sonography / GHA / hysteroscopy / diagnostic laparoscopy).


In preparation for the IVF program, with  beginning of stimulation:

get consultationsof embryologist  and anesthesiologist.


* Required examinations are written with bold letters.

** During the examinations  one should be protected from pregnancy.